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Don't do life alone.

Life is hard enough. Don't try to go it alone. You were designed for community. Church should be more than an event. Connect with people who care about you.

We've connected hundreds of people in our community.

We offer groups for kids, teens, and adults.

With more than 20 adult community groups, we have one near you, on your night of the week!

We offer both short and long-term groups.

Relationship, not rules.

Every relationship begins with a step. It's time to take your next step. We are FOR you, because we believe God is FOR you.

Messages each week that are practical and helpful

Easy-to-understand “life apps” for kids and teens that help parents lead well at home.

Your Life Matters

There is a role only you can play. A need only you can meet. Someone is waiting for you.

We will help you leverage your skills, passions, and experience to give back.

We give back through service projects all year long.

The only time we “pass the plate” on Sundays is to give 100% outside the church.

We support local organizations who are helping the least fortunate in our community.


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6 Things Every kid needs

Six Things Every Kid Needs

You were designed to be a great parent. But parenting is hard, and each parent-child relationship is unique. In fact, there has never been a relationship like yours in the history of the universe!

We're committed to helping you become the fantastic parent God designed you to be! We've helped hundreds of parents develop meaningful, faith-based relationships with their kids.

Download our free PDF and start leading your family toward significance.

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