Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating. Fortunately, we have an incredible Guest Experience team who will meet you out front and walk you through the process. We’re here to serve you!

Gathering Guidelines & Sanitizing Protocols

Gathering Guidelines

  • Please don’t attend if you’re feeling unwell in any way.
  • If anyone begins to feel unwell during the service, please go home immediately.
  • Please don’t attend if doing so will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Staff & volunteers will wear a face mask unless they are on stage.
  • Attenders are be asked to either submit to a temperature check or wear a face mask. (All students must enter through the front.)
  • Bioprotect hand sanitizing stations are strategically placed throughout the facility. Bioprotect provides a protective barrier on skin that lasts up to six hours without being reapplied.
  • Please socially distance wherever possible.
  • Please allow at least three empty chairs between family units in the auditorium.
  • We will not serve coffee.


Sanitizing Protocols
All surfaces in our environments will be thoroughly cleaned before, during, and after each service using the "Pure Cleaning" triple-protection process.

  1. Cleaning with a multi-surface cleaner to break down germs and bacteria.
  2. Disinfecting with CDC-approved PUREmist®. PUREmist® disinfects by killing germs, bacteria, and viruses on contact using an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant applied via an electrostatic sprayer. The combination creates an electronically-charged mist that wraps around surfaces and objects for 360-degree coverage. The electrostatic technology allows the disinfectant to bond to areas that are unreachable by traditional pump sprayers and eliminates the need to wipe away remaining liquid after proper dwell time has occurred.
  3. Protecting surfaces with an antimicrobial barrier. This is a biostatic protective layer that inhibits the growth of microorganisms.


From the 9B Exit turn right. Take your first right (Russell Sampson Rd.) and continue for approximately 1 mile. You will see signs for Access Church on your right.

We're located at Liberty Pines Academy on Russell Sampson Rd. Once you're there, we'll guide you to where you'll want to be.

  • We meet every Sunday at 10:30am.
  • Waumba Land (Birth-PreK), UpStreet (K-5th), Transit (Middle School), and Inside Out (high school) are offered during every service.


  • Our services last about an hour and five minutes.
  • Our music is upbeat and our band is excited to sing with you!
  • Our teaching is split between live, local teachers and Andy Stanley, who join us by video from Atlanta


Pre-Register Your Family

Our staff and volunteers work hard to create a safe and meaningful experience for your entire family. Here are a few things that will help check-in go smoothly:

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the service begins. That’s when check-in opens for Waumba Land (pre-school), UpStreet (elementary), and Students (grades 6-12).

When you arrive, you’ll see our Guest Experience team waiting to help you check in. Please tell them that you have pre-registered, and they’ll get security stickers printed for you and your kids.