2" x 4" on the Highway

One recent Friday Stephanie informed me that the driver’s window on my car would not go up.

Of course, being Friday afternoon, I knew it’d be tough to get it fixed before Monday. “As long as it doesn’t rain on Sunday morning on my way to Access, I’ll be okay,” I thought.

And of course, when my alarm sounded at 3:30am, I could hear the wind howling outside and the rain pounding the roof. My thoughts were immediately less-than-pastoral.

Picture me driving up I-95 at 4:00am, with the rain pouring through the driver’s window. It’s a good 20-minute drive to Access, and by the time I got there not only was I soaking wet, but there was standing water in the footwell of my car. Oh, and it was cold. Wet and cold. Such a lovely combination. Did I mention that it was four o’clock in the morning?

My biggest regret, of course, was that it was 4am and I couldn’t think of anyone to call at that hour. I wanted someone else to know how badly my day was starting. I wanted someone to feel badly for me. So, I began to rehearse my sob story for the guys on our Environment Team who would be meeting me at the church at 4:30am.

It was about that time I encountered the two-by-four.

If you’ve seen Brian Regan’s, “I Walked on the Moon,” you’ll understand what I mean when I say that I began to feel some “pressure.” (Brian has a hilarious routine about how doctors never use the word “pain,” always substituting the word “pressure.”)

The two-by-four wasn’t physical, but it was very real and wielded by the Holy Spirit. He does that to me on the occasion that I need a little dose of perspective.

In that moment it dawned on me: I am on my way to the coolest church in the world, to work alongside the most amazing group of volunteers in the world, to join together and worship the One True God. What could be more awesome?? Once again, the Holy Spirit reminded me of how small I need to be and how BIG God needs to be.

This Sunday, I invite you—dry or wet—to join us in worshiping the incredible God of the universe, the only God deserving of our worship, the God who has done everything for us and made it possible for us to have a relationship with him through Jesus Christ. What a privilege! What an honor! We get to assemble as the Body of Christ and tell him how awesome he is! Please, don’t ever feel sorry for me on a Sunday.

See you at 9:30 or 11:15am!