Baptism Service at the Beach

Baptism is an incredible step in the life of a believer. It’s a symbolic time to identify with Jesus Christ and publicly acknowledge that we place all of our hope in him alone.

Some are intimidated by the idea. Maybe it’s the thought of being in front of a group of people dripping wet. Maybe it’s the public confession of faith. Some hesitate because they aren’t sure what they will say.

Objections aside, it’s a clear commandment from our Lord to be aligned with him in this way, and something we strongly urge you to consider as a part of Access Church.

Our first baptism service will be September 23 at Sawgrass Beach Club. It’s going to be a beautiful setting to invite family and friends to hear your story of God’s great love for you.

We’re asking each participant to allow us to film their story, and these stories will be shown during Sunday services following September 23.

Click here to shoot me an email if you are interested in being baptized.