I’m at BigStuf Camp in Daytona Beach this week with our middle- and high-school students from Access Church. What a fun group of kids! It has been so cool to hang with them and watch as they open their hearts to what Jesus wants to say to them this week. Already we’ve seen dramatic impact. One student gave his life to God for the first time yesterday!

Others are learning important lessons about everything from money management to (giggle) the opposite gender. Ahh, how I’ve missed student ministry. They live life with such intensity!

The sessions have been amazing and practical. Awesome worship leaders and incredible speakers (Andy Stanley has been the crowd favorite so far!). David Jackson has been driving down from Jax every day after work so that he can be here with his middle-school boys and lead their small-group discussion in the evenings! U-N-R-E-A-L!!
Gotta have some time for fun, also. Here are a couple of video clips of the “Slingshot,” which launches students on a gigantic bungee 365 feet into the air, only to have them freefall back to earth at 100mph. You’ll have to watch to see if your student was one of the brave ones!

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