Chasing People

I believe there are two kinds of people you should be chasing in your life:

1. People who are chasing God. It would do everyone reading this a great deal of good to surround themselves with genuine, close friendships comprised of people who are striving to see God made real through their words & deeds. Don’t know how to start that kind of relationship with someone, or where to find them? Come to GroupLink, October 19, at 4:30pm!

2. People whom God is chasing. We are called to influence the world for Christ, and you can’t do that from an arm’s length. Start today, getting to know the person you work with, play with, or live with, and love them to Christ. If your heart isn’t breaking right now for a specific person who hasn’t yet embraced salvation through Jesus, then your heart and God’s heart are in different places.

What do you think?