Don't go through it alone — the Gribbens

A friend invited Robert Gribben to Access Church, and by the time his future wife, Melissa, moved to Jacksonville, she knew it would be her church home, too. Robert and Melissa instantly loved the relevant and challenging messages from Andy Stanley. They connected right away with the music 13901539_10103180653157429_2511410496074364000_nand the vibe of the church. “It wasn’t so big that it would keep us from getting to know people, but it wasn’t so small that we wouldn’t find a place to fit in,” Melissa said.

The couple joined their first community group, filled with young married couples, after becoming engaged. “It was a good experience for us to be around other couples who had been married for a few years,” Melissa said. “They were able to share their wisdom with us.”

Schedule conflicts caused them to join another group when they were newly married. “In this group, we walked through lost jobs, new babies, and heartbreaking sadness together,” Melissa said. Their third and current community group began just before Melissa was hospitalized. During her hospitalization, her group leader sat with her, prayed with her, and connected her with vital resources. Melissa’s family lives out of state, so her group was exactly the presence she needed during an emotional time in her life. The group also helped Robert as he contemplated a job change. The men in the group offered a listening ear and wisdom.

Robert and Melissa believe that community groups are a safe place to ask hard questions about life and faith. The added benefit is that no one has to walk through anything alone. Both Robert and Melissa will be at the upcoming GroupLink event because, according to the couple, “We grow better spiritually in circles than in rows, and we can’t wait to see how God will orchestrate new relationships at Access.”

If you’re ready to jump into a Community Group at Access Church, there’s still time to be part of our August 28 GroupLink event. Learn more and sign up at AccessChurch.com/adults.