Everybody's Invited Update

Celebrate! To date, 55 families and singles have pledged $145,000 to the new campus! This is great news! There are a few more families that we expect we will still hear from, but at an average pledge of $2,589 per family, we’re overwhelmed! We’re excited for our church and also for what people will learn in their faith through this kind of generosity.

Demolition! About 15 people spent Saturday and Sunday tearing down walls, removing carpet, and carrying a ton of furniture here and there. The interior of Losco is pretty much unrecognizable right now. Huge progress. Even cooler are the stories of who is doing the work. Really fun to see people otherwise disconnected from Access putting in lots of time. Anybody know Ben and Cindy Moore? He’s been totally disconnected from church. Doesn’t come to church with Cindy. But this weekend he probably logged 15 hours at the new campus. Unreal!

Design! We’ve retained Kristin Norris from Athens Church as our designer for the project. Kristin has been the set designer at Athens for years, and she is responsible for all of the look and feel of the new Athens campus. She will visit Jacksonville sometime in the next 10 days.

Build! We’re trying to funnel all $145,000 into materials, which means we’re leaning heavily (entirely) on volunteer labor. Please go to this Google form and sign up to be a part of one of the construction teams. We will publish a schedule this week of work times and an order of projects/tasks.