Excerpts from the Mail Bag

Mondays are the best days to check email! Here are a few select bits from the inbox this week:

  • Some friend we had invited on March 4 not only came back, but brought friends with them! When God works in the hearts of first time attenders to get them to invite even more friends, then we are really on to something.
  • One couple said “We are still talking about the sermon and that hasn’t happened in a long time.”
  • My best friend for nearly twenty years, who I have never been able to get to church with me, came last night with his family. God has been ahead of me on this because when I asked him if they would come visit Access a couple of months ago he immediately answered “Yes.” When I saw him after the service he couldn’t stop asking questions. They were blown away by every part of Access!! Their children were taken great care of in Waumba. Way to go Waumba! He told me they will be back and he will call me. Can’t wait for that phone call today!
  • On Saturday morning at breakfast we were discussing going back to Access Church. Our first-grader spoke up and started talking about the Bible story from the launch week and how funny the storyteller was and how much fun he had in UpStreet. Of course, we were surprised that he was recalling all these details about the story because it had been almost two weeks. When he finished, we explained again why we felt God so strongly wanted our family to be involved with Access. On the way home last night I asked if he liked Access this week and he said “I didn’t like it—I loved it!” He did not even want to leave last night after it was all over because he was having too much fun with the other kids.
  • Bradford and I had a visitor in our UpStreet small group. When her dad came to pick her up we were able to have a great conversation. He was not familiar with North Point and knew no one at our church. He found us last week on the Internet. The music was the drawing card for them to come and he said we didn’t let them down. Go production crew and band!
  • We invited a young couple that have been attending our small group and searching for a church home since they moved to Jax about a year ago. She is pregnant and yesterday was her due date. We saw them after the service and they loved it. After seeing Waumba they said after the baby came and they got settled they would be back to serve!!
  • I met a sales rep a couple of weeks ago. He is a believer but had not been attending anywhere so I invited him to Access the night of our launch. He showed up early, got a seat, loved the message, and returned yesterday with his girlfriend. They sat on the first row and loved it all.
  • Some friends of ours came the first week just because they knew one of the guys in the band. I talked to her last week and didn’t even have to bring up the second service because she immediately asked me if we were having it Sunday and what time she should get there to ensure a seat. So they came, and she emailed me today to say she “really, really enjoyed it.” She wants to come back on April 1st and through engaging in dialogue with her since the first service, I can see God moving in her life and just maybe pulling her towards a relationship with Him.

Those are just a few of the things God is doing these days. It would be so exciting to hear what God is doing in your life! Comment here or drop us an email…