Finding Balance in Church

Balance: We all strive to find a healthy equilibrium between work and play. But the search for balance can encompass other areas of our lives too. Church is one area where we yearn for balance. We want a place that will be comfortable and relevant to the culture we reside in. kyle_kristinBut we also want biblical truth and accountability. If that search resonates with you, check out what Kyle and Kristin have to say about their experience at Access Church.

“Rich and the staff at Access do a wonderful job of making church inviting,” Kyle said. “There is the right balance of informality and yet seriousness about growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ that has kept us coming back.

For Kristin, the care of their children is a priority. In order to relax and enjoy the message, she needs to know her children are safe and happy. “There has always been someone ready to receive our children with warmth and enthusiasm,” she said. “The professionalism and vigilance of the children’s environments allows us to enjoy the service while our kids are learning important truths about Jesus.”

Access has also permeated other areas of life for Kyle and Kristin. They have made new friends as they have invested in strategic service, Kidstuf, and the IF: Local conference. The “Future Family” series and other practical messages are helping Kyle and Kristin raise their children with the powerful truth that “Jesus is a friend forever.” The couple hopes to establish this early with their children by continuing to be part of a healthy, balanced church family.