Front License Plates

When I bought our truck a couple of years ago, I had quite the negotiating experience with the used-car dealer. When I finally drove off the lot, I’d paid the price I had determined to pay and not a penny more.

And, do you know what they threw in for free? A nice big sticker on the back of the truck with the name of the dealership. Nuh-uh. That came off within the hour. They also included, at no extra charge, a front license plate with their corporate logo. I could remove it, but with the bracket in place it seemed like I should replace it with something meaningful.

This is it: The Official Access Church Front License Plate.

Nothing against auto dealers, but why advertise for them every day when you can let folks in the neighborhood know about Access? And, it’s on the front so folks don’t see it when you cut them off in traffic. (Not like them fishies.)

Five or six times already, this front license plate has led other people to initiate conversations with me about church and God. Love that. And, since we’ve been talking about what it means to live out our faith on location, it’s pretty cool to see a few of these buzzing around our neighborhood.

You can get yours this week at the information table!.