Get Out and Vote!

I’ve talked to a few people in recent days who are still unsure as to who they will vote for.

Please… don’t go to the polls uneducated—and don’t let your lack of clarity keep you from voting. Every vote makes a difference!

We certainly won’t tell you who to vote for—that’s a very personal decision. Like every other election, this is a time to vote based on the issues you feel are important and the positions you agree with. But, how to see through all the smoke of political ads and half-truths?

The best web site I’ve found to help is GlassBooth.org. You choose which issues matter most to you and then agree/disagree with a series of position statements. At the end of the quiz, the web site tells you which candidate most closely agrees with your convictions.

Give it a shot and tell me if you found it helpful!