Welcome, Sarah Peckham, Waumba Land Director

We’re so excited to welcome Sarah Peckham to our Access Church staff as our new Waumba Land Director. Waumba Land is our environment for preschoolers. Our mission in Waumba Land is “to make a first impression of the heavenly Father in such a way that it makes a lasting impression on the heart of a child.” Sarah is passionate about this mission and about leading and supporting volunteers while partnering with families. “I’m excited that I get such an awesome opportunity to show God’s love to the smallest people at Access,” she said.

Sarah visited Access for the first time when her husband, Darin, was asked to play guitar. “I was hooked immediately,” she said. “The message was practical, and I knew our daughter, Ruby, would have a great time in Waumba Land.”

That was 10 years ago, and since that day the Peckhams have become an important part of the Access family. Sarah knew right away that she wanted to be part of what God was doing through Access.  She began volunteering in the Leadership Room, making sure kids had a great time on Sunday morning while their parents served in other areas. “I like knowing I’m a part of creating an environment where individuals from any place in their faith journey can feel comfortable,” she said.

Sarah’s passion stems from what Access has meant to her family. Ruby was an infant when the Peckhams connected with Access, and now she’s in UpStreet. Sarah has seen the impact this has had on her daughter. She sums it up in one word: community. “Some of Ruby’s best friends are from Access,” Sarah said. “It’s a safe and lively environment where she can learn about Jesus and grow in her relationship with Him while discovering friendships with children her age.”

Sarah’s excitement about Access extends beyond its impact on her family. “I really believe that St. Johns and all of Jacksonville need a church like Access,” she said. “I know it’s a place where I can invite my friends, and they won’t feel out of place.”