We’ve been saying it for several weeks, now. Groups are the heartbeat of Access Church. You see, we believe that no matter how big a church gets, it can still stay “small” in the most important ways if we gather around the kitchen table, look each other in the eye, and do life together.

Look, we all know this is going to be a little awkward at first. I can’t promise that you’re not going to have a moment on Sunday afternoon when you feel a little bit like a middle-schooler. But, it’s worth it! I promise!

Being in a group is essential. If you’re single, it keeps you grounded, keeps you connected to others who “get it,” and who understand the joys and frustrations of your stage of life. If you’re married, it’s a healthy chance for you and your spouse to talk through life with other couples and learn from each other.

If you’re a skeptic, it could be a great chance for you to ask more questions and to hear the questions believers ask behind closed doors. If you’re a believer, it’s a chance to study God’s word and really go deep—in application as well as increased knowledge.

Look, at this point, we’re all new to Access Church. Let’s hold hands and jump together!

November 4, 4:30pm, UNF.