GroupLink—This Sunday!

Fast-forward one year from now.

Who are you doing life with?

Who is encouraging you to be more like Christ?

Who is celebrating your joys with you, and mourning your losses?

Who is praying for you and those you love?

If you hesitated, even just a little, you should join us for GroupLink this Sunday.

If you’ve been attending Access for a while, but have yet to jump into a Community Group, your time is here!

Community Groups are the heartbeat of Access Church. You see, we believe that no matter how big a church gets, it can still stay “small” in the most important ways if we gather around the kitchen table, look each other in the eye, and do life together.

Sunday mornings are great, but they are such a small slice of what we believe the church should be. Groups are where it all comes to life!

GroupLink is your chance to get into a group this fall. Don’t miss it!

This Sunday, October 19, 4:30pm, at UNF.