Happy New Year

Reflecting on 2007 has been very humbling for me this past week. It’s been a great reminder that sometimes God’s vision is different from our vision, but His is always better! He has done something amazing in the past year, and I am once again at a loss for words in my worship for Him.

Much of 2007 was about “starting.” Starting a new church, new friendships, new patterns, new staff, new cultures. For our family that even included a new house in a new neighborhood in a new city with a new dog and new (much to our chagrin) vehicles!

The fun thing about 2008 will be continuing all that God has started. How will we participate in his vision for the year ahead? How can we pray for Access Church at the start of this New Year? Our first full year as a church!

I’ve read some pretty daunting “vision” statements from other pastors in the last 48 hours about the year ahead. I don’t have a long list of what I want to see God do at Access this year. Mostly because I have no idea where he’s going to take us! But, I do have this one, simple recurring hope in my head for 2008. And I think it aligns with what God wants for us.

I think 2008 is going to be an incredible year for this reason: I really believe this is going to be the year we’re going to see people cross the line of faith & maybe even be baptized as a direct result of Access being here in Jacksonville.

Wouldn’t that be incredible? Can you think of specific people that you’d love to see meet God in 2008? Will you join me in praying for them, investing in their lives out of genuine love for them, and inviting them to Access this year? What could be more amazing? Can you imagine celebrating Christmas this next year knowing their life has been radically transformed? Can you imagine seeing them in a small group? Can you imagine them telling others about their new faith?

When you get a chance, take a gander at 1Corinthians 3, and take a long pause on verse 7.

It’s going to be a great year.