A few months ago, Access Church linked arms with JT Townsend and his family for what we called The Intersect Project. If you missed it you can see the FOX/CBS news story here. Now it’s time to bring this project to completion so that the Townsend family can sell their home and move into a wheelchair-accessible home for JT.

Sunday, August 10th, from 9am-2pm, we are going to be working at the Townsend’s home to put the finishing touches on it. That’s right! We won’t be going to church that Sunday, we will be the church to the Townsend family. We would love to have you or a friend join us.

We’re going to be doing some touch up painting, lawn mowing and clean up, laying carpet, cleaning the bathroom and doing some tile work, installing kitchen cabinets, and more.

Contact Adam.Flynt@AccessChurch.org to let us know if you want to be a part of this amazing project.