Is Louie Giglio really speaking at Access Church?

A week ago I posted an announcement that Louie Giglio would be speaking at Access Church, and it got a lot of interest. Seems that my title was confusing to some. For that I heartily apologize, and I changed the title for that entry. Let me assure you that my intentions were honorable.

Perhaps video church has become so natural to me that I’ve lost perspective. You see, in my mind Louie Giglio really is speaking at Access Church in August, just like Andy Stanley has really been speaking at Access Church for the past five months. Honestly, I’d rather watch either one of these in a video environment than experience most any other speaker (including myself) live.

So, it’s gotten me thinking (and I need your help on this one)… What does it matter? Really, how would church be different for you or me if Louie Giglio or Andy Stanley spoke in person versus on video?

I want your comments on this one. But first, before you do, read this and this to get my perspective on video preaching.

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