Jeremy and Courtney

“I’ve spent my whole life looking for a place to fit in.”

Courtney and Jeremy can tell you what it feels like to be lonely in the middle of a crowd. Jeremy was exposed to church as a child. But as an adult, he found himself far from the faith he was taught. “Religion was always in the back of my mind, but walking into a church made me uneasy,” he said. “I didn’t feel like I belonged there.”

Courtney was not raised in church. She had family members who attended North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, and throughout her childhood she was aware that her cousins had something she didn’t. But she had no idea how to chase down what they had. 1045000_10152672631804500_4402654846302638076_n

The turning point for Courtney and Jeremy began with the faith of a 10-year-old boy named Sean. Sean is Courtney’s son, and in 2011, friends invited him to Access Church.

Sean related to the lessons he learned at Access, and his faith began to grow. As Courtney witnessed a change in her son, her heart opened to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, church could be a safe place for her as well. Jeremy felt a small measure of trepidation, but agreed that they should attend one of the weekend services as a family.

Jeremy and Courtney were hooked from the very first visit. “The story of the resurrection pulled me in,” Jeremy said. “It was the perfect message for me.”

Courtney immediately connected with Access Church. It destroyed all of her preconceived notions about church. “I felt right at home, like I belonged,” she said. “I was exposed to God’s Word, which promises unconditional love and forgiveness, and I knew Access was the right place for me.”

Courtney and Jeremy joined a Starting Point Group, where they were able to ask questions and explore their faith in a safe environment. They also became part of a Community Group and watched their circle of friends grow exponentially. The couple made lifelong friends through their group, and Courtney points to these relationships as one of her favorite parts of Access Church. “I love hearing the message at church and then talking it through with friends,” she said.

Jeremy loves that Access welcomes every individual with open arms. “This is a church for the un-churched,” he said. “People new to faith, just checking it out, or coming back to church after time away can always find a place here.”

When you’ve spent your entire life searching for a place to belong, it’s overwhelming and gratifying to find a place to rest your soul. For Jeremy, Courtney, and Sean, this is just the beginning! They’re looking forward to the new and amazing places God will take them on this journey of faith.