Jump Start

Our environment for elementary-aged kids is called UpStreet, and it provides a great opportunity for kids to sing fun and worshipful songs, develop a relationship with a small-group leader, and hear stories from the Bible each week.

For a lot of kids, UpStreet also raises some questions: Who was Jesus? Why did he have to die? Is heaven for real? How do I know that God loves me?

We really believe that our mission as a church is not just to answer those questions for kids, but to teach moms & dads how to answer those questions for their kids. One great way we do that is through a step we call Jump Start.

Our first Jump Start will be July 15. It’s an opportunity for parents to sit with their kids while we explain the answers to the most foundational questions a child might ask about God, Jesus, and the Bible. We’ll talk about why Jesus came to earth, why he died and rose again, and why we’re so excited about this truth!

If you’d like to sit with your child as we discuss these issues, please join us for Jump Start at 5:00pm on July 15th. We’ll meet in the lower foyer, talk through these issues, and give you and your children an opportunity to respond to the message. It’ll be great for your kids, and you might even have a few questions answered yourself!