Lasting Impact Happens on a globalX Trip

When Mike Carlton decided that he and his 14-year-old daughter, Katie, would join our globalX trip to Costa Rica with 6:8 Ministries, he was hopeful that the trip would help Katie experience another culture and the joy of serving the less fortunate. “I signed up largely through the lens of a parent,” Mike said. “I wanted Katie to see and experience how so much of what we consume ourselves with really doesn’t matter and that real joy doesn’t come from things but from relationships with one another and with Jesus.”

Mike learned quickly, though, that the trip would turn out to be just as impactful for him as it was for Katie. “There were multiple ah-ha moments,” he said. “I walked away closer to my daughter and closer to God. I also built lasting friendships with folks from Access who I didn’t know so well going in.”

The children in Costa Rica made an especially profound impact on Mike. “The sheer joy of the children was incredibly moving,” he said. “I was moved to tears more than once. You could really tell that it means a lot to them to have total strangers show up to let them know they’re loved and they matter.” 

Mike and Katie and the rest of the Carlton family are now sponsoring a child in Costa Rica and plan to return to serve as often as possible. Their experience in Costa Rica is making a local impact as well!  

“6:8 is incredibly inspiring in how they minister to communities of people who otherwise receive very little attention and love,” he said. “I am taking steps to work with St Francis House in St. Augustine to serve the local homeless population including teens who really need to know that they’re loved by God and others.” 

Mike was able to see an impact on Katie, both in Costa Rica and back at home. “Katie got out of her comfort zone and actively engaged with the people we served and with the other team members,” he said. “I was really proud of her. Now that we’re back, I’ve seen her take a more active interest in being involved with the Access youth group.” 

Applications are now open for our Summer 2023 globalX trip to Costa Rica. The trip will take place June 5-11, and we’d love to have you join us. “I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to deepen their faith and expose their children to real-world conditions they’re not likely to ever encounter here locally,” Mike said. “You’ll be moved in ways you couldn’t have imagined otherwise, and you’ll feel God working in your life.”

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