Lead Pastor Retreat

Can you remember playing junior high basketball? Now, imagine if, as a junior high basketball player, you were invited to hang out with LeBron and a few other all-stars for a couple of days!

Well, I’ve just returned from 48 hours at the beautiful Brasstown Valley Resort with the likes of Andy Stanley, John Woodall, Jeff Henderson, 10 other lead pastors, and the NPMI campus expansion team. What a great time! We spent a lot of time discussing tactical issues, but balanced that with some fantastic sessions led by John and Jeff on life balance and being men of wisdom. Some very practical tools were discussed, and some great time was spent focusing on the application of Psalm 1.

I come away more humbled than ever that God has chosen to given us this church in Jacksonville to care for and encouraged that He has great things in store! Please continue to pray for the rest of the team that He is calling and for the transition to Jacksonville in just a few weeks.