Let's Do It Again!

It’s been quite a journey, hasn’t it? Two years of disparate stories coming together to form a cohesive vision and strategy for Jacksonville, Florida—for our friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers. God is good!

I can’t thank our volunteers enough for pulling this off. We could not have done this without each person using their gifts, inviting friends, praying, and giving financially. March 4 was awesome. We’ll always remember it.

We’re looking forward to tonight, inviting a ton of people, and have great expectations for what God is going to do!

Wait, did he just say, “inviting a ton of people”? I heard the room was overflowing on Sunday night. Inviting a ton of people to sit where?

We have a vision for this church to grow very rapidly—not so we can pat ourselves on the back, but because there are so many people in Jacksonville who could benefit from these environments! And I really have a burden for people to hear this next sermon on the church. It’s where the name “Access” came from, and it’s such a great summary of what the church should be. If you know someone who has been hurt by the church, this sermon is for them. Bring them!

But, where will we sit?

Well, recognize that we had a lot of “well-wishers” on March 4. Many were from out of town, and many are in leadership at other churches in Jacksonville. Most of those folks will not return, and that will free up some seats. We also have several clear goals for improving our environments tonight. One is to provide more and better overflow seating.

Please, don’t shy away from inviting folks. In fact, it is the presence of your friends that will help us determine the right time to go to two services. Right now, our plan is to go to two services in the fall, but if you keep packing it out like you did on March 4, we’ll go to two services even sooner. You bring the people, and we’ll make the seats!

Just a few hours! Aren’t you excited?