Making Your Minutes Count

For some time now, we’ve been saying that Jacksonville doesn’t need another church. However, Jacksonville does need environments where those who are still unsure about how God fits into their lives can ask questions and learn what the Bible has to say in a very non-threatening way.

Perhaps there is no better starting point for that kind of conversation than around the topic of prayer. Everyone I know prays—even a woman who insists that she is an atheist. There is something in everyone that desires to reach out beyond ourselves and connect with some kind of “higher power.”

Is there a right way to pray? A wrong way?

Join us this Sunday as Andy Stanley teaches the second part of our “Permission to Speak Freely” series on prayer.

But don’t come alone—bring a friend! It’s a great environment to ask spiritual questions. A while ago I introduced a suggestion for strategic and repeated invitations. “3x3x3” means that you invite three people that you really care about and have invested in. Invite them three times. People rarely respond to the first invitation. Invite them today. Again on Thursday. And again on Saturday. Finally, invite them to try it three times. They need to give this church thing a chance. They need to get used to our music, Andy’s humor, and the kids environments. So, ask them to give it three shots.

This week we’ll examine the Lord’s Prayer. Some of us have memorized it, but when did we last stop to consider the words? Challenge your friends to come and consider what Jesus was trying to teach us through this very familiar passage of Scripture. Take the time this week to read through the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, then join us Sunday, and see if it changes your perspective on prayer.

Michael Gleason will be with us to lead worship, and it’ll be a special day for us to celebrate our volunteers, as well!