Married Life is October 17!

There is a scene in a current movie where a married couple is getting ready to go to sleep. The wife looks over at the husband and remarks, “Some of our time together really should be spent while we are awake.”

ML-Couch-300x187In a fast-paced world, it’s difficult to find time to invest in the marriage relationship. Unfortunately, we have examples all over pop culture and even down the street regarding the outcome of an untended marriage. It may not sound romantic, but scheduling time on the calendar to build your marriage is even more important than scheduling that important meeting at work.

We’re excited to offer our Married Life event, an opportunity for couples to join us for desserts and music while picking up practical marriage tools. In this session, we’ll explore the secret to making mutual submission actually work. If you’ve ever heard references from the Bible regarding submission to God and each other, you might have wondered if that was truly possible. It is! But it must be intentional.

We look forward to exploring with you the qualities that must be in place to grow a respectful and loving marriage. Invite your friends, and join us for a one-night event Saturday, October 17, at 7:30pm. Click HERE for more information and to register online! Cost is only $20 per couple.