Meet Kyal and Shana Rector

Kyal and Shana Rector are familiar with the task of finding a church in a new area. They have been through the process before. Their military background has moved them all over the United States. But a career change placed them in the St. Johns area, and they found themselves once again looking for a church.

As parents of two small children, they were looking for a place that would value their children. One of the first memories Shana has of Access Church is when her daughter accidentally knocked over a tray of cookies at a Christmas Eve service just last month. Stephanie Barrett laughed it off, told Shana it was no big deal, and went on to explain that raising four children herself had taught her not to worry about things like that.

“It was a small thing, but it really made us realize that this church was a good fit for our entire family. Access has such a positive family culture,” Shana said.

One of the things the Rectors appreciated from the start is the warm welcoming atmosphere and the way Rich Barrett is so intentional. Kyal developed a respect for Rich immediately because Rich began building a relationship with him. “We were nervous about the fact that the message is delivered through video,” Kyal said. “But we soon discovered the benefit of having a pastor who is able to fully engage with his church.”

Shana loves the culture of Access so much that she has been inviting friends from her neighborhood to join them. “It’s finally a church I want to tell my friends about!” she shared. “At Access, people are loved, welcomed, and encouraged. So the people who are drawn to that are definitely my people!” she said.

The Rectors have been introduced to several families in their short time at Access, and they are excited about taking the next step in getting connected to even more families families by joining a Community Group.

If you would like to join the Rectors and find out more about what Groups have to offer at Access Church, check out our Adults page.