Middle Schoolers Wanted

This Sunday, Access launches a new environment. We’re so excited about this! We don’t launch new environments very often, and not without careful planning. This environment is super-cool not because of what we’re doing, but because of who is coming.

Xtreme is for middle- and high-school students (together for large-group teaching but divided for small groups). These students have been serving alongside adults for the last year, successfully creating environments like Waumba Land and UpStreet. Now, it’s their turn!

Trying to remember middle school and having a hard time getting in the right mindset? Perhaps this video will help:http://northpointministries.org/player/FLVPlayer/FLVPlayer.swf?skinName=http://northpointministries.org/player/FLVPlayer/clearSkin_3&serverName=cp20979.edgefcs.net&fallbackServerName=&appName=ondemand&streamName=fcs.northpointcc/Middle_School/MS_Golf,50,fcs.northpointcc/Middle_School/MS_Golf,150,fcs.northpointcc/Middle_School/MS_Golf&isLive=false&bufferTime=2&autoPlay=false&autoRewind=true&isFullScreen=false

Get ready! Xtreme is launching this Sunday with time for worship, large-group teaching, and small-group discussion.