Mission, Part 2

I recently was asked to write a letter to my friend, Drew, who I’ve known for 21 years. He’s going on a retreat, and the idea is that family and friends write letters that tell of his influence in their lives.

Why would this matter, I wonder? I mean, really—why would he care if he’s made any difference in my life? As long as he’s making a living, raising good kids, faithful to his wife… what difference does it make that his life has changed my life?

I’ll tell you—because we were made in the image of God. And God needs relationships. His very existence is as a three-person Godhead (way beyond my understanding!). He created the angels and us to relate to him as Creator. So, as image-bearers, we need relationships, too. We need to know that we are impacting the people around us, and we need to be impacted by them.

This is why the second part of our mission at Access Church is to develop community with insiders. Church should be a place where we can be honest, open, and vulnerable, where we can learn from each other. We should be confident that those around us “have our backs.” I need some good friends who can encourage me to make the wise choice, even when it’s hard. I need a group of people who will celebrate life’s joys with me, and with whom I can grieve life’s sorrows. I need community. I’ll bet you do, too.

At Access Church, that happens in Community Groups. Community Groups are six couples (or a dozen singles) in safe, authentic relationships where we can discuss our faith, God’s Word, and how it relates to the world in which we live.

If you aren’t in a Community Group, you need to get into one, soon! On November 4 we’re going to host GroupLink, an opportunity for you to meet others that live near you, share your stage of life, and also desire community. It’s a two-hour event, and by the time you leave you’ll be in a group! There’s no better way to jump into these kinds of relationships!

Drew and I became friends 21 years ago because we joined a community of like-minded individuals called a “dorm.” It was then I discovered it was possible to talk about spiritual matters with other men, and it literally changed my life. GroupLink could be that kind of defining moment for you!

Think about these chapters from the Bible as you consider joining us on November 4:

  • Acts 2, “All the believers were together…with glad and sincere hearts.”
  • Heb 10, “Spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”
  • Phil 2, “Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.”

See you November 4, at 4:00pm!