More Than We Know

I was so excited to have a chance to bring some of our volunteers up to North Point this weekend. Evan Wright and I got up extra early on Sunday so we could make it to North Point in time for their production meeting and run-through for the morning.

On the way in, we stopped at Starbucks to get some caffeine to help jump-start the day and get going. I’ve been to this Starbucks quite a few times now and have usually had to explain why I’m up so early on a Sunday and everything that goes along with early morning church conversations. This morning was no different. The lady at the register asked, and I was happy to reply. I explained the whole North Point thing and started into the fact that we’re from the Jacksonville partnership when she stopped me.

She said, “Oh yeah, Access Church. I’ve heard of that.” She went on to explain that she has a friend here in Atlanta who attends North Point, but her family lives in Jacksonville. Her parents have never gone to church but were willing to give Access a try since their daughter had suggested it. That was a couple months ago, and now they still love coming back!

I’ve never met this family, but it’s a great reminder that we never truly know all of the stories that are happening at Access. I get so excited when I hear them, and love that there are even more than we know about.