My Bad Church Experience

Church. What does that word bring to your mind? Maybe thoughts of polyester suits or dresses with big collars float to the surface. Maybe your senses are reminded of pot roast and potatoes or molded Jello consumed on Sunday afternoons. Unfortunately, thinking about church can also bring back My Bad - Key Artpainful memories. Have you felt excluded, judged, or misunderstood? Do you simply not want to be included in a group of people who have hurt you in the past? Or does the idea of church remind you of things you aren’t proud of or choices you thought you had made peace with?

Wherever you’re coming from, we would love to offer an invitation. We’ll provide a safe place for you to sit anonymously and hear what God has to say about church. If you take a chance and carefully remove the walls you’ve built around your heart, you may begin to see that your bad church experiences were not an example of true authentic church.

Starting June 7, we’ll spend nine weeks addressing the topic of bad church experiences. Please “join” our event via Facebook and “share” the invitation with your Facebook friends. If you’re new to church or returning after being away, we want to let you know what to expect when you choose to spend time with us. Check out our information page to learn more about the way we “do life” together at Access Church.

We hope to see you Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am as we kick off our summer series, “My Bad Church Experience.”