Never Too Late

If my dad were still alive, yesterday would have been his 93rd birthday.

That surprises a lot of people. When I first tell them, I can see them trying to do the math in their head. I’ll save you the trouble: My dad was 53 years old when I was born. Yeah. “Surprise!”

The point is, it’s never too late to do something great with your life. 🙂

Moses was eighty years old when I AM told him to lead his people out of 400 years of slavery. He thought he’d blown his chance 40 years before. But God wanted to use an eighty-year-old guy for something amazing.

Some of us, as we age, begin to grow more and more fond of the past. We’ve got some great stories to tell. But what about the future? What might God have out in front of you? How might God want to use you for His glory?

Andy shared a quote last week at DRIVE that he heard while serving at Crown Financial, “When your memories exceed your dreams, the end is near.”

Put that in the context of a conference where some attendees were from a 250-year-old church. They came to DRIVE because they aren’t focused on the past—they want to transition their church to have tremendous impact in the future!

How’s your future? What might God do with your life if you let him?

And if you’re a 53-year-old guy, well… Be careful out there.