If you are a sports fan, live with a sports fan, or have ever heard of sports, you know it’s time for the NFL playoffs. This is the time of year when people who don’t watch football all through the fall tune in for the post-season games, or at the very least, the SuperBowl. Excitement builds, crowds gather, and a certain expectancy hangs in the air.

Now bear with me, but I think there are some parallels to what’s happening at Access Church right now. We had a training camp, two years ago, when six couples and one single woman met and prayed that God would do something amazing in Jacksonville. They began to give, they volunteered their time to create irresistible environments, and they invited their friends to see what God was doing.

Then the regular season kicked in. 22 months of working the playbook. Praying, giving, serving, and inviting. Slowly but surely, the team got better. More people jumped on board to help. Those who aren’t even sure they believe what we teach began to invite their friends, serve with their time, and give of their money! God began to change one life after another. It was a great season.

Then, BAM!—we suddenly find ourselves playing at a whole ‘nuther level! It’s post-season at Access Church. The crowds are getting bigger and more excited, there’s a real sense of excitement in the air, and the team is playing with intensity.

If you’ve been to Access Church in the last couple of weeks, you’ve felt it! You might have even sent us an email like this one:

The service yesterday was so awesome! We are always talking on Saturday about how we can’t wait for church tomorrow. I have to honestly say in my whole Christian life, I have never felt like this. I thank God everyday for this church, the staff and the people at the church. Thank you, thank you.

If you haven’t been to Access in a while, it might be time to swing by and see what’s going on. God is at work!!