It sounds so passive, doesn’t it? Like, you have no idea what else to say to someone in pain, so you say, “I’ll pray for you.” I mean, how many of us really think of “pray” as an action verb? I’ve talked with so many of you who say, “I really want to do something this week. What can I do to help you get ready?” And the answer is, PRAY.

The truth is, prayer is passive. It’s the very discipline of recognizing that we are not in control, and God is. I think that’s why it’s so hard—because it forces our brain to recognize what our heart already knows…that this is God’s thing, not ours.

Tonight at the leader training for Waumba and UpStreet I met so many of you who are excited about making this happen. So many who are jumping in with both feet. But, like I said to a few of you, we are just spectators in this whole miracle called Access Church. God started to work on something amazing here a long time ago…and we get to come along and witness this miracle up close and personally!

Some of you have witnessed the birth of a child. I have often said that there is no greater miracle, no more worshipful moment, than when a child is born. But witnessing the birth of a church has been equally mind-boggling. Just as God brings the right molecules together to create the tiny fingers and toes of a newborn, he is bringing together different members of His Body to create the body of Access Church. It is fascinating to watch.

It’s late, so I’m in danger of allowing this thought to unravel. Here’s where I am headed:

We need to all be praying like never before. We need to be actively passive, fervently praying, excitedly watching as the Creator of the Universe does something amazing.

We need to pray about the technical issues. Monday night was a bit rougher than we would have liked. We’re going to do it again on Saturday. Our standard for Sunday is excellence.

We need to pray about the kids environments. Parents need to feel safe. The kids need to have fun. The simple truth of God’s love needs to come across loud & clear.

We need to pray for the volunteers. They’re giving it their all and we’re so grateful for all fifty-one of you. Pray for each other and all the jobs that need to be done.

We need to pray for the staff & their families. It’s a crazy time, and that impacts the home, too.

We need to pray for the details, that the service runs smoothly, that the band leads worship with authenticity, and that Andy’s message really connects with everyone.

And we need to pray for the people. Each seat needs to be filled with someone whose relationship with God is ready to be challenged to the next level. Your friend, your co-worker, your family member. We need to pray that the right people are in those seats on Sunday night, and that they will come with open ears and hearts.

Pray! Call upon the Creator! Submit our will and our plans to His.

It doesn’t sound so passive, now, does it?