Road Trip, Anyone?

If you have ever wanted to experience North Point Community Church for yourself, and get a behind-the-scenes tour, join us for Sundays @ North Point! You will attend a worship service, take a guided tour of various environments, and participate in a day and a half of informal sessions and discussions. You’ll get answers to your questions and enjoy face-to-face conversations with North Point staffers about how and why we do what we do. Space is limited, so please let us know right away if you would like to be included.

We’ll head up on Saturday, February 13 and return Monday, February 15. Registration for the event is $50, plus the cost of your transportation, meals, and lodging. More details can be found at Sundays @ North Point.

To keep costs low we can carpool, help you find free lodging in the area, and provide you with a wicked-awesome recipe for PB&Js.;

Interested? Shoot me an email or leave a comment here to let me know you want in and we’ll start planning for transportation and lodging.

February 13-15. It could be the perfect romantic getaway!.