Saying Yes to Love

Rebecca_photo“We love others because Christ loved us first.” These are the words we use to explain why we pursue God-sized dreams. In theory, many of the things we do throughout this life sound noble. But the reality is that lessons in faith, patience, and perseverance are attached to the journey. Three years ago, Chad and Rebecca Roerink said “YES” to God as they began the domestic adoption process with a home study and an expectant heart. As they waited for a placement, they did respite care for a three-year-old child. It was a good experience, and it opened their eyes to the broken and beautiful world of foster care.

Anyone who has been part of the adoption process knows that waiting is the most difficult part. It is easy to lose focus and wonder if it will ever actually happen. This was this heaviness that weighed on Rebecca’s heart on December 1, 2015. As she read through her Bible study online, her leader, Stephanie Barrett, asked a simple question of the group. “What are you waiting on God for?” Rebecca didn’t answer the group question, but she had a passionate private conversation with God. “You know what I’m waiting for, God. But I don’t understand what your plan is,” she prayed.

Exactly two hours later, God gave her an answer. Their caseworker called with a time-sensitive placement request. There was an infant girl being released from the hospital, and they needed a foster family to take her home. Rebecca and Chad only had 30 minutes to pray and decide. With confidence and nerves, they said, “yes!” Since their other children, Gary and Will, are ages 6 and 8, they had long since parted with their baby gear. They left to pick up an infant with absolutely nothing for her to sleep in, play with, or wear. By that night, their neighbors made sure they had a pack and play, a swing, and a few clothes to get started. Rebecca said, “We felt like when we said yes to this big thing, not knowing what or how we would do it, everyone around us also said yes.”

Not long after settling into life as a family of five, Rebecca dressed her newest family member in clothing that her son, Gary, had chosen for her. Written across the front were the words “SO LOVED.” “She really is so loved, mom,” Gary said. The beauty of this story is that it so closely resembles our own redemption. We were so loved, that God gave us Jesus so we could experience the life He intended for us. When we understand God’s love for us, our response should be to simply give that love away.