Six Myths

Since I’ve had more conversations lately about the finances of Access Church, I’ve discovered there are some common misconceptions worth “busting:”

1. Myth: North Point covers all expenses for the first couple of years.
Fact: There are a few visionary families at North Point who will partner with communities serious enough to leverage their own relationships, time, and resources. They are generous, to be sure, but there is a limit to their resources.

2. Myth: North Point would never allow a partnership to close.
Fact: Two months ago we closed our Birmingham, Michigan partnership. We use the word partnership because both North Point and the local community have to be ready to make huge sacrifices to make it work.

3. Myth: Staff salaries at Access are paid by NPM.
Fact: Each staff member at Access depends on the generous giving of this local church to provide for their family.

4. Myth: A handful of generous benefactors are all that are needed to sustain the church.
Fact: That would not be healthy for the church or for the benefactor.

5. Myth: My tithe doesn’t make that much of a difference.
Fact: It makes a huge difference in your spiritual life and in the financial health of our church. If we had 75 families at Access tithing 10%, we would not need any additional funding!

6. Myth: Now that we’re up and running, our environments are relatively inexpensive to maintain.
Fact: Much of our equipment is rented, or leased-to-own. Our ongoing expenses for equipment, facilities, and personnel run about $40,000 per month. Holding services every Sunday will increase that number.

We would love to have you join us on this journey! It’s been exciting to see more than 20 families make commitments to the RoadMap campaign, and we’re looking forward to a strong start for 2008. Please consider what you might be able to give before December 31.