Sunday is Coming!

Some of you might remember the old Tony Campolo message, “It’s Friday, But Sunday’s a-Coming!” Campolo draws from the grief and discouragement that the disciples must have felt when Jesus was buried on Friday, and with him all of their hopes and dreams. Little did they understand… Sunday was a-coming!

For two thousand years since, Sunday has been a day for the Christian community to celebrate the empty tomb, hope come to life, and a God who always keeps his promises.

Some of us who have been involved with the set-up and tear-down processes of Access Church go home pretty tired on Sunday night. For about sixty of us, Sunday is an eight- or ten-hour day. So, the fact that April had a fifth Sunday gave us a nice little break. But, we’ve missed it!

We’ve missed you! We’ve missed the chance to worship with you and corporately recognize that Sunday is an important, symbolic day. We’ve missed the chance to meet you in the halls, love on your kids, sing and celebrate together.

Our saviour is alive. God wants us to know him. We can join together on Sunday to say thank you to the one who made us and loves us and wants us to love each other. And now it’s time to jump back in!

Maybe today is the end of a long week for you. Lots of phone calls, emails, stress points. More tasks than minutes in the day. Maybe you’re exhausted. But guess what?

Sunday’s a-comin’!