Taking Our Pulse

This morning I had a great dialogue with David McDaniel, Donald Wise, and Gavin Adams. We spent part of our time talking about assessing the health of our churches. It was a helpful and encouraging conversation!

From the beginning, we have looked to four questions when taking the pulse of Access Church.

  1. Are we a praying church? Do we recognize from the outset that this is God’s venture and not ours? Are we aligning our heart with his heart, our mission with his mission, and our vision with his vision?
  2. Are we a generous church? Do we understand that all we have comes from God and belongs to him? Do we give back a priority percentage every month? Are we willing to increase that percentage as we mature in our faith?
  3. Are we a serving church? Are we joining the mission in whatever role is most helpful? Do we understand that the environments we’re creating serve a greater purpose? Do we give of our time and not just our finances?
  4. Are we inviting? Are we willing to leverage the relational influence God has granted us to lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ? Do we truly understand the urgency of our mission here on earth?
It’s through this grid–these four signs of health–that we evaluate the health of this organization. And evaluating with guys like David, Donald, and Gavin makes me a better leader and makes us a better organization.
Okay, now it’s your turn to take your pulse. How are you doing in these four areas?