Ten is a cool number, isn’t it? God made us with ten fingers, so it’d be really easy to count. Ten toes. And, as much as I hate trying to convert ounces to grams, the metric system really does make sense.

So, when my oldest son turned TEN at 8:55pm this evening, it was a really big deal in our family. Ten years of being parents. How in the world did that happen so fast? Wanna see a video of his first year? Stephanie and I look… well, a lot younger.

Yesterday we made cards for Peyton, and we all listed ten things we love about him. Perhaps that’s why I’m thinking in terms of TEN, and why I wanted to share these ten things that happened at Access Church this weekend:

  1. A man told his wife that the Verdict series has him actually considering placing his faith in Christ!
  2. The band commented (again) on the professionalism of our production team.
  3. A family said Access is now “their” church because of how their daughter feels about UpStreet.
  4. Thirty-percent of Waumba Land children are brand-new, because our people are investing and inviting. Our guests entrust their kids to Waumba Land because it’s safe and fun.
  5. Pledges for “RoadMap” have passed the 50% mark.
  6. After GroupLink, 76 adults are now in small groups. That is fantastic! Access Church will never be the same again.
  7. A woman drove from Orlando to visit Access for the first time, and said she enjoyed it so much she might come back!
  8. A couple many of us have been praying for for years agreed to join a community group!
  9. A key couple was on vacation, and yet their area was “as good as ever,” because they understand intentional apprenticing and they replaced themselves before they left town.
  10. Two people marked their Verdict ballot, “I believe, for the first time, in the validity of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as reliable accounts of the life of Jesus Christ.”

There you go. My top ten on this amazing day of TEN. Happy birthday, Peyton!