UpStreet Production Director Needed

We’re looking for an UpStreet Large-Group Director at Access Church! This part-time person will lead and manage the success of our UpStreet large-group environment.

The UpStreet large-group environment is an important part of what we do on Sunday mornings. It’s the place where our kids hear the Bible story and worship, and it sets our small-group leaders up for success. The Large-Group Director is responsible for the excellence of the production elements that go into this environment. This includes the leadership and development of volunteer teams and working closely with the Small-Group Director to create an irresistible environment that kids wake their parents early on Sundays to attend.

Here’s the job description:

Purpose Statement
To oversee all aspects of large-group production on Sunday mornings and production of UpStreet events.

Reports to:
Lead Pastor, Rich Barrett


  1. Recruit, train, provide apprenticing opportunities, and lead production volunteers for each service.
  2. Manage and maintain large-group environments.
  3. Observe and maintain quality control of large-group environments.
  4. Shop/manage all props and creative elements for large-group environments.
  5. Communicate with producers who oversee each large-group environment and maintain relationships with them.
  6. Communicate weekly with worship teams and storytellers.
  7. Schedule worship teams and storytellers each month.
  8. Participate in monthly large-group content creative meetings.
  9. Be a part of the large-group curriculum team owning the finalization process of large-group scripts and production orders.
  10. Responsible for production aspects of all UpStreet special events and volunteer meetings.
  11. Assist with special events as designated by the Family Ministries team.

If you’re interested in pursuing this position at Access Church, please contact Rich Barrett.