Video Church (Part One)

It occurred to me today that I’ve never blogged here about our teaching methods at Access. Funny, some things you just get so used to…you forget to explain them to others.

You see, we are so focused on the biggest difference between Access and other churches (we care more about reaching people than keeping people) that we forgot to mention this other small difference: our preacher isn’t in the room during the worship service. In fact, he’s not even in the state!

Access Church is a strategic partner of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. While autonomous, Access shares the same values, strategy, and communicator with North Point.

Now let’s be clear on something. This isn’t an ego trip for Andy. It wasn’t Andy’s idea, and he even admits that he finds it kind of weird. So, why do we feel it’s so important to hear from Andy? Why would we put Andy on the screen instead of hear from someone locally? Why not do the heavy lifting ourselves?

The answer is simple: we’re committed to presenting the most important message in the world in the most compelling and excellent way possible. I’d rather listen to Andy than any other preacher alive. So, why wouldn’t I want that for you and your friends, as well?

Andy Stanley has the unique ability to connect with believers and skeptics alike. Andy can take very simple scriptural principles and break them down so that all of us, (even those of us with a seminary background) can understand them. And he explains the application of these principles in a very effective way.

To be fair, there are others that communicate in a similar manner. Louie Giglio, Jeff Henderson, Sean Seay…and we’ll use them, too. At other times, Access staff will deliver the message. But mostly, it’s gonna be Andy.

Keep in mind that other aspects of the worship service, such as music and announcements, will be live at every service. Rob & Beth, Ben & Audrey, and Stephanie & I are local, committed to the Jacksonville community, and here for the long haul..