Volunteer Celebration

The NCAA basketball games are in full swing. Occasionally we watch a player sustain an injury and subsequently leave the court. imagesThere is an immediate consequence for the team. Their flow is interrupted and other teammates are required to compensate. We all know that the team works better when all of the members are able to work together.

Volunteering and serving at Access work the same way. We’re able to be more effective when we’re all working together. We accomplish more for Christ, and we enjoy the camaraderie of serving together.

At Access we’re so grateful for the sacrifice and service of each team member. To celebrate our Strategic Service teams, we’d like to invite everyone to our Volunteer Celebration Sunday, March 29! Rich and Andy will present “Onebelievable,” and we’ll have a special gift for each volunteer. Then, we’d love to have EVERYONE stay after the 10:30am service for a cookout and bounce houses. Bring a chair and your appetite, and join us in extending our appreciation for our volunteers!