Volunteer Dinner – June 16

All volunteers: Join us June 16 at the UNF University Center!

If you’re a new volunteer, or planning to sign up this week, you are just in time for one of my favorite events of the year! It’s a great night to have some laughs and meet each other, as well as focus our attention on this incredible mission God has called us to!

This is a required event for all volunteers!

Okay, I’m not sure what the punishment will be if you miss, but it’s likely your peers will mock you in the halls for months to come. You may even find they have “volunteered” you for some extra assignments. Haven’t you ever wondered how we decide who empties the diaper pails?

Each strategic service team will have time to get to know each other better, and compete against other teams in some fun competition. Oh, and there’s great food. Please do everything possible to be present!

June 16, 7:00pm. Dinner will be provided, and babysitting will be reimbursed.

Keep in mind the University Center is not the same as the Fine Arts Center. The University Center is on the opposite side of the campus, near the Kernan exit of Butler Blvd.