We're Building a Church!

The time has come to unveil our latest plans at Access Church. After two years of careful planning, the time has come to build a church!

Where? All over the region! When? Every day!

In fact, this building project is already well underway, and you may be part of it. You might already be inviting friends, praying for Access, serving in one of our ministries, and faithfully giving. You are building a church!

Okay, you say… don’t be a smart-aleck. When are we really going to build a church? And where?

Well, I’m serious. There is no better use of our time and resources right now than to build a church. Not a building, but relationships. A relationship with the God who made us, loves us, and wants us to enjoy him forever. Relationships with other God-followers, who need encouragement along the way. And relationships with those outside our community of faith, who will only know God’s love if they see it demonstrated through us.

Our goal at Access is to provide environments to promote these relationships. A fantastic worship environment where you can worship with authenticity and without distraction. An environment to which you can invite others who may not agree with us, but are willing to listen and dialogue. Predictable, encouraging Community Groups where you can grow with other God-followers. And great environments for kids to be introduced to the God in fun, age-appropriate ways.

Encouraging these relationships is our primary focus right now, and it requires just as much planning, prayer, budgeting, and hard work as building a building. In fact, as a pastor I’ve been through two building projects, and the hardest part is not building the building, but filling the seats with the right people!

Let’s engage, right now, in this formidable, enthralling, Herculean, gratifying task. Because God couldn’t care less about a building. He wants to build a church!