What's Your Story?

My neighbor Randy always has a great story to tell, and he knows it. He doesn’t hesitate to tell you what happened last weekend or last decade… because it’s good stuff! The other day we saw each other at the gas station, and he’d just come back from hunting wild boar. He told us about a 300 lb. beast charging straight for them when he & his brother had only one shot left between them. He had our attention!

As a political strategist, Randy was right in the middle of the 2000 Presidential recount here in Florida. One night we had some neighbors over and Randy was giving us the “inside scoop” as to what was going on in the Bush/Gore camps during that whole fiasco. We were listening!

You’ve got a great story to tell, also!

It’s actually God’s story, and he’s using your life to tell it. Isn’t that wild? Your life is an opportunity for God to tell of his amazing love and forgiveness.

Right now, God is painting a beautiful picture, and your life is the canvas! Each day he picks up a different brush, uses a different hue, but it’s all part of one big, amazing, and beautiful picture—His incredible love.

We should be just as confident as Randy in telling others what God is doing in our lives. What’s happening on your canvas?

This Sunday at Access you’ll have the opportunity to share what God is doing in your life. Come prepared to share and celebrate his amazing artistry.