Who Does God Want to Win?

Today was Florida’s day to contribute to the current political discussion. Stephanie and I were eager to exercise our privilege to vote, and took the kids with us this morning so that they could observe this wonderful process. (Flawed, but wonderful.)

After lots of discussion about who we chose to vote for, and why, Chase (age 7) asked a great question, “Dad, who does God want to win?”

(Ha, ha! You gotta love that. Dad, don’t bore me with the issues. Just tell me who is God’s man or woman and I’m gonna back that candidate!)

My answer to Chase? “Son, I have absolutely no idea.”

You may not agree with me on my choice for president (which you’ll never read about here), but I hope you’ll agree with me that God is in charge of this process and that his plans are far superior to ours. Sometimes, in fact, his ways are mysterious. Is it possible that God’s choice for president is different than yours?

I am a citizen of the greatest nation in the world. And I will eagerly participate in the electoral process. But let us never as Christ-followers confuse politics with faith. Our hope is in heaven, not in Washington! So, as fascinating as the campaign trail is, let’s save our life-passion for one cause!

If you want to jump in here and comment on the primaries, go for it! Just know that none of the comments reflect the position of Access Church. Our vote is for Christ alone.